Emerging Technology Workshop

National Society of Genetic Counselors, October 2007



Prior to Workshop Instructions

Read about technology

Download instructions

Explore web sites


Participants should bring a wireless computer with the technical requirements and software to use (and show others) during the session.

Laptops should be fully charged - for at least 2 hours of use.



Last updated October 16, 2007

Handouts & Examples

This page provides examples of some new technology. After you explore these, edit the GoggleDoc shared file with your ideas on how they might be used in clinical and educational settings - see you e-mail invitation ( free google mail account needed to access it). The collaborative document will be posted on this web site after the workshop.
Collaborative Editing | Narrated PowerPoint | Podcast | Second Life | Skype | YouTube | Whiteboard | WikiGenetics | 7 things to know

Collaborative Editing Shared work space

  • GoogleDocs - watch video
  • Respond to e-mail (sent a few days before workshop) to edit shared document(s). You will need to obtain a free Google e-mail account,

Narrated PowerPoint - instructions (Word file) (voice over slides)

Podcast (view with WindowsMediaPlayer)

Podcast Examples

Second Life Sites to explore

Skype voice / video over Internet . Download & features, handout (.doc) Skype Me™! Call me!

VideoGoogle Examples

YouTube Examples

Genetic Conditions

Genetic Information

Virtual Meetings

  • Elluminate Live


Wiki - Genetics

7 things you should know about series, eLearning