Federal Information / Advocacy Sites

Government Acronyms

Resource Description URL
Administration for Children & Families welfare reform, policy, issues http://www.acf.dhhs.gov 
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research medical incomes, health care data and methods, consumer clinical practice guidelines by conditions http://www.ahcpr.gov/
Cap Web members of the Senate and House of Representatives, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. It also lists Committee assignments of members  
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) health statistics and other information from the CDC http://www.cdc.gov 
CNN Interactive current events in the House and Senate http://www.cnn.com
C-Span House and Senate Floor, as if you were watching C-Span on TV http://www.c-span.org
Congressional Record free documents, government printing office http://www.access.gpo.gov
Congressional Quarterly new and information on government and politics, vote watch http://www.cq.com 
Department of Agricultural (USDA) information http://www.usda.gov 
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) health-related material, including, mortality & morbidity statistics http://www.os.dhhs.gov 
EBRI Issue Briefs, Notes, Washington Bulletins, and other publications before the printed issues are mailed http://www.ebri.org 
Environmental information, EPA http://www.epa.gov 
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting(FAIR) many issues the media doesn't cover http://www.igc.apc.org/
Federal Election Commission information http://www.fec.gov 
Federal Trade Commission information about antitrust and consumer protection laws http://www.ftc.gov 
FedWorld links federal government home pages http://www.fedworld.gov 
Food & Drug information from the FDA http://www.fda.gov 
Jefferson Project catalog of political sites on the Web http://www.voxpop.org/jefferson  
Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) financing information and statistics, especially for Medicare and Medicaid http://www.hcfa.gov 
Health Resources & Services Administration information about clinical preventive services http://www.hrsa.dhhs.gov 
Indian Health Services information about services http://www.ihs.gov  
InterAction American Council for Voluntary International Action, and 150 non-profit organization coalition members http://www.interaction.org 
Search for U.S. Representatives by Zip Code http://www.interaction.org/
Legi-Slate Congressional and regulatory information, updates on bills, and news events on Capitol Hill http://www.legislate.com 
Library of Congress information on US Government, including "Thomas" search engine with legislative information (e.g. bill test, congressional record, etc) http://lcweb.loc.gov 
National Archives and Records Administration records from federal government http://www.nara.gov 
Center for Legislative Archives, U.S. Congress records http://www.nara.gov/nara/legislative  
National Institutes of Health(NIH) information http://www.nih.gov
NIH National Cancer Institute (NCI) cancer information and statistics http://www.nci.nih.gov 
Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion publicans, including Healthy People 2000 and Guide to Clinical Preventive Services http://www.odphp.osophs.dhhs.gov  
Office Minority Health Resource Center information about minority populations http//www.omhrc.gov
Policy.com public policy information http://www.policy.com 
Policy Newsstand http://www.policy.com/newstand/nstand_body.html   
Politics Now information on current events in politics and biographical information for Congress members and Governors http://politicsnow.com 
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports information about promoting physical activity and fitness http://www.dhhs.gov/
The Progressive Directory directory of online advocacy resources http://www.igc.apc.org 
Roll Call official Capitol Hill newspaper http://www.rollcall.com
Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) incidence data and population data for SEER registries and the US population http://www.seer.ims.nci.nih.gov
Thomas (Library of Congress) legislative resources: text of bills and major legislation congressional committee reports, historical documents http://lcweb.loc.gov/global/judiciary.html
major legislation via Thomas http://lcweb.loc.gov/global/judiciary.html#toc  
US House of Representatives information, including e-mail address and web sites http://www.house.gov
contact information for the House http://www.house.gov/
write your representative http://www.house.gov/
US Senate information, including e-mail addresses, web sites for Senate members http://www.senate.gov
committee information (includes links to jurisdiction) http://www.senate.gov/
University of Michigan index of government health information http://www.lib.umich.edu/hw/public.health/gov.info.html
White House press releases, briefings, speeches http://www.whitehouse.gov
online health-related resources from the U.S. Government http://www.whitehouse.gov/ 
virtual library http://library.whitehouse.gov