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Certified* Genetic Counselors & Clinical Geneticists in Greater Kansas City

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University of Kansas Medical Center

3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City , KS 66160

Cancer Genetics

Debra Collins, MS, CGC, dcollins at kumc.edu
R. Neil Schimke, MD
Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Genetics, MS 2024
Information (913) 588-3859
Appointments: (913) 588-3671


Lisa Butterfield, MS, CGC, lbutterfield at kumc.edu
Department of Obstetrics , Fetal Diagnostic Unit, MS 2028
Information: (913) 588-6260
Appointments: (913) 588-6259


Majed Dasouki, MD
Jennifer Roberts, MS, jroberts6 at kumc.edu, (913) 588-1871
Department of Pediatrics
Information & Appointments: (913) 588-6381

Saint Luke’s Hospital

Peet Perinatal Center 2nd floor
4401 Wornall Road
Kansas City , MO 64111

Information: 816-932-5967
Appointments: 816-932-5127

Stephanie Kramer, MS, CGC, sbkramer at saint-lukes.org
Patricia Mullinix Shires, MS, CGC, pshires at saint-lukes.org
Susan Mundt, MPH, CGC, smundt at saint-lukes.org

Saint Luke's Cancer Institute

4321 Washington, Suite 4000
Kansas City , MO 64111
Information and Appointments (816) 932-5785

Hereditary Cancer Center

Whitney Ford , MS, wford at saint-lukes.org
Erin Youngs, MS saint-lukes.org

Children’s Mercy Hospital / Clinics

Section of Medical Genetics
Molecular Medicine
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City , MO 64108
Information and Appointments: (816) 234-3290

Prenatal &
Pediatric Genetics

Holly H. Ardinger, MD
Laurie D. Smith, MD, PhD
Bryce A. Heese, MD
Michael Begleiter, MS, CGC, mbegleiter at cmh.edu
Andrea Atherton, MS, CGC, amatherton at cmh.edu
Janda Buchholz Jenkins , MS, CGC, jlbuchholz at cmh.edu
Lee Mays, MS, CGC lzmays at cmh.edu
Megan Strenk, MS mestrenk at cmh.edu
Holly Ishmael Welsh, MS, CGC hwelsh at cmh.edu
Kelly J. Benolkin, MS, CGC
Mallory N. Martin, MS
Susan R. Starling, MS

HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) Research Hospital

6400 Prospect, Suite 546
West Building
Kansas City , MO 64132
Information and Appointments: (816) 532-0873

Cancer Genetics

Lenna Levitch, MS, CGC, Lenna.Levitch at HCAHealthcare.com
Molly McKnight Lund, MS, CGC

Menorah Medical Center

5721 W. 119th Street
Overland Park, KS 66209
Information and Appointments: (913) 498-6723

Cancer Genetics

Lenna Levitch, MS, CGC, Lenna.Levitch at HCAHealthcare.com
Molly McKnight Lund, MS, CGC

* Board Certified (CGC) and Board Eligible Graduates of the Accreditation Programs of the American Board of Medical Genetics & the American Board of Genetic Counseling

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