Elementary Genetic Education Ideas
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Differences / variation

Chance / probability:

Taking a family history:


Genetics in Medicine

Internet and Genetics

Middle School:

"Exploring the Human Genome" a 24-page issue of Your World/Our World: Biotechnology and You. Magazine, developed by the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association (PBA) for teaching biotechnology to students in grades 7 through 10, is also appropriate for adult lay audiences. Articles and learning activities explore the Human Genome Project; DNA
structure and function; genes, proteins, and genetic disease; mapping; invention of the polymerase chain reaction; informatics; Huntington’s Disease; and ELSI implications of genome research. This special genome issue is made available in part by DOE, which provided a complimentary copy to every 7th- to 10th-grade U.S. science teacher (about 40,000). 

Building on concepts introduced in the Human Genome issue, the 15-page "New Diagnostics" issue of Your World/ Our World is devoted to techniques used to detect disease. Articles cover such topics as immuno- and genetic diagnostics, strep throat control, and safeguarding the blood bank. Sample copy of Human Genome issue and price list available from HGMIS (see contact information on p. 10). [PBA, 800/796-5806 or 814/238-4080, Fax: -4081, 73150.1623@compuserve.Com]  

Secrets of the Code Program, 3-2-1 Contact, Public Broadcast System (PBS) explores topics such as cytogenetics, family history/pedigrees, recessive inheritance, and genetic variation

Other resources

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

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