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Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

Welcome to the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory. The core is located in room 3037 Hemenway Building. The core was founded by the purchase of a BD LSR II and a BD FACSAria through a generous endowment from the Hall Foundation and by NIH Grant Number P20 RR016443 from the COBRE program of the National Center for Research Resources, which provides the majority of the operating budget of the core.


Because COBRE supports everyone, we kindly request that all users add the following statement to all manuscripts containing data obtained from FCCL instrumentation: “We acknowledge the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory, which is sponsored, in part, by the NIH/NIGMS COBRE grant P30 GM103326.”  Also, please let us know when you publish manuscripts that include data from the FCCL.  This helps us report our success to NIH.


Mission statement:

The mission of the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory is to provide access to state-of-the-art flow cytometry and related technologies to researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center and other area institutions.

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For flow cytometry-related questions, please contact:

Richard Hastings
Technical Director
Hemenway 3037

Flow Cytometry Technician
Hemenway 3037

Thomas M. Yankee, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Director
Lied 3032

Last modified: Nov 30, 2015

No walk-ins with samples, please!

Reservations for use of the analyzers can be made through Meeting Room Manager. Access to meeting room manager is granted upon the successful training of the investigator by the Flow Cytometry Core Director.

Reservations for the FACSAria can be made by e-mailing Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory staff.