Student Financial Accounting

The Office of Student Financial Accounting is responsible for billing, collecting, refunding, reporting, and managing student accounts and student loans for The University of Kansas Medical Center.

Most activity can be viewed on-line at the Enroll & Pay site:

If you have forgotten your password to Enroll & Pay, please visit this website for assistance:

If that does not work, call Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) 24-hour support at 913-588-7995 to reset your password. If you call after hours, please leave a daytime callback number and the Jayhawk Tech Clinic will contact you.

You can have your student tuition and fees refund deposited directly to your bank or other financial institution. The online Direct Deposit Authorization is accessed at the Enroll & Pay website linked above.

Term charges for tuition and fees are due and payable on the dates determined by the Office of the Registrar and published in the Comprehensive Fee Schedule. These dates are Sept 15th for the Fall term, February 15th for the Spring term and June 15th for the Summer term. Late payment fees will be assessed to all students with delinquent charges that are not deferred for official university reasons (financial aid, sponsored students, waivers... are a few examples).

An optional MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN is offered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS) on a term-by-term basis. Some students find that they benefit from the convenience of monthly payments. TMS charges a fee for this service and while The University of Kansas Medical Center neither endorses or discourages using TMS, it is made available as a service to our students. To enroll in TMS, call (800) 356-8329 or for details.

RELEASE OF INFORMATION to third parties. We use Delegate Access to allow students to control who can have access to what records and information. In addition to grades, schedules, enrollment, and financial aid, this system is completely customizable to include student financial information such as charges, payments, bills, Form 1098-T... Click the Delegate Access link to be directed to the KU Registrar's Delegate Access page:


To appeal the LATE PAYMENT FEE, you must pay all charges due (except the late payment fee) and submit your appeal in writing. Mail or e-mail your name, KU ID Number, term you are requesting the late payment fee be removed, and the circumstances you feel deserve an exception to paying on time. University regulations and policies require that all charges be paid by the due date established by the KUMC Registrar or be subject to the late payment fees until the charges have been satisfied.

To appeal the LATE ENROLLMENT FEE, petition the KUMC Registrar for a Fee Reassessment at:

Master Promissory Notes or Rights & Responsibilities Questionnaires are completed at your To Do List at the Student Services Center on Enroll & Pay

If you need a KMSL, Perkins, Nursing, Primary Care, or Nurse Faculty financial aid Exit Interview, they are completed via our Loan Servicer, ECSI on their website: You can also access deferment and cancellation forms plus other services at their website. Click on the student/borrower box to download forms or log-in to your account. The KUMC school code is 2P. Use the Customer Service or FAQ links for assistance.

Feel free to contact our office anytime for other forms, information, questions, and assistance as needed.

Most forms can be submitted by eMail or fax, but any form(s) that require original signatures may be delivered to our office or mailed to:

University of Kansas Medical Center
Student Accounting MS 4008
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66160

1098-T Tax Form:

Your Form 1098-T tax form was distributed by mail or electronically on or before January 31st as required by Internal Revenue Service.

You have access to view your current and prior year 1098-T documents on-line through your KU Enroll and Pay account. You will be able to view or print for your convenience. This is the form that shows how much tuition you were billed by KUMC for the year. This information will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service in compliance with federal regulations.

To be able to access this information on-line, follow the instructions below:

Navigate to: Enroll and Pay > Campus Finances > View 1098 T
If you have already granted consent to receive your 1098-T online, you're ready to view.
If you have not given consent yet, click on the green consent button towards the bottom of the page to bring up the consent agreement. Click in the box for "Yes, I have read..." to grant consent. Click on Submit, that's all there is to it!

If you have forgotten your password to Enroll and Pay, please visit this website for assistance:

If you have questions regarding information on the 1098-T, please contact The University of Kansas Medical Center, Office of Student Accounting at or 913-588-2590.

Remember, the 1098-T only reports amounts billed, not paid. You can view all or your transactions at the Account Activity area of the Student Center on Enroll & Pay.

Form 1098-T is designed to aid you in the preparation of your income taxes, but it is not necessarily the definitive source like other 1099 forms. Here is a segment from IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education: "...However, the amounts in box... 2 of Form 1098-T might be different than what you actually paid..." You can view this publication from the IRS website

The University of Kansas Medical Center staff cannot answer specific tax questions. Please contact your tax professional.


Last modified: Aug 18, 2016