Q. What account code should I use for shipping & handling when I do a requisition?
A. It depends.

When making purchases, always verify whether shipping will be charged to your order. If so, find out what those charges will be. The shipping should be listed on a separate line of the requisition and should have the same account code as what you are buying. If there are multiple account codes on your requisition you can use any one of the account codes for all of the shipping cost. Only one line is required for shipping. You don't have to have multiple lines for the shipping and break down the shipping for each account code listed.

You purchase some reference books from a publisher that total $89.95, and the shipping is $13.95. For both the books and the shipping you would use account code 536900 (reference books under $500).

If your department has its own account set up with Federal Express, and you are doing a requisition to pay for something you have shipped, then the PeopleSoft account code to pay for that would be 521900. An example of this would be when you are using Federal Express to return a piece of equipment back to a manufacturer for repair under warranty. In other words, you are purchasing the service of shipping only from that vendor.

Q. Where can I find a list of account (object) codes to use in PeopleSoft?
A. List of Account (Object) Codes for use in PeopleSoft.

Q. What Account Code should be used for meals when recruiting new faculty?
When the recruitee and state employees have a meal together and the state pays for the meal, then the Account Code has to be 529700 for "Official Hospitality." When using Account Code 529700, "Official Hospitality," the date, place, purpose, list of attendees and whether they are state employees or not must be included on the requisition, and an APP speedtype must be used.

If you have any additional questions about the proper Account Code to use in a particular situation please call (8-5335) or e-mail Toni Funderburke in Accounts Payable and/or call (8-1130) or e-mail Janie Meeker in Purchasing.

Q. I need a new vendor added to PeopleSoft. How do I do that? A. Use the New Vendor Request Form.

Q. I need to change some information for a vendor. How do I do that.
A. Use the New Vendor Request Form. There is an option at the top of the form to choose between entering a new vendor or updating information for an existing vendor.

Q. I need to enter a contract number in PeopleSoft where can I find them?
A. You can find a list of the state contracts on the Contracts Page of our web site.

Q. I need to order an item from a vendor that is free or has no charge, how do I enter this on my requisition?
A. This should be entered in the comment section of your requisition. You may place *** by the comment area so it will stand out for the vendor. These types of items should never be entered as an individual line item on the requisition.

Q. Can I order ergonomically designed furniture or equipment for an employee who has a medical condition or disability? If so, how?
A. If an employee needs special equipment or furniture because of a disability, first contact Carol Wagne

Last modified: Oct 15, 2013