Personal Reimbursements

Personal reimbursements will generally not be allowed except for extraordinary circumstances to be determined on a case-by-case basis. See Emergency Orders. Personal reimbursements for subscriptions are allowed when economy can be demonstrated. With the implementation of the Business Procurement Card (BPC), institutional subscriptions may be applied to the card, instead of creating a personal reimbursement. All departments must follow the procedure set forth by the Purchasing Department.

A. Personal reimbursements utilizing State/Grant funds on deposit with the State with prior approval:

  1. Department will:
    1. Enter a requisition into the Market Center.
    2. Submit to the Purchasing Department a Prior Authorization form  referencing the requisition number and circumstances for personal reimbursement.
    3. Contingent upon approval - forward invoice, indicating purchase order number and receiving number, to Accounts Payable. Include copy of Prior Authorization form indicating approval. For subscriptions: original invoice or receipt must be submitted with the beginning and ending dates of the subscription on the invoice. Delivery of the subscription must be related to KUMC - not a personal residence address. Signed statement from the employee receiving personal reimbursement with the following language, "By purchasing the subscriptions as an individual, I am able to obtain it at a significant savings to the State of Kansas. I understand the subscription will become the property of the State of Kansas." The signed statement must include the home address of the employee. A new subscription will require an order form.
  2. All orders:
    1. Are subject to non-approval if the purchase is a contract item or is a non-allowed purchase.
    2. Can't exceed $150.00 when utilizing funds on deposit with the State.
    3. If grant related - are subject to approval/non approval by Grant Accounting.
    4. Must demonstrate economy - 10% savings, $10.00 minimum.
    5. $150.00 maximum reimbursement allowed, outside of an emergency situation. (See Emergency Orders).

Note: Personal reimbursements are allowed only in extremely limited circumstances. Official hospitality reimbursements are one circumstance that meets the requirement for Personal reimbursement.

Last modified: Apr 04, 2016