Official Hospitality

KUMC uses the guidelines set by the State of Kansas for the Official Hospitality Reimbursements. The policy, #3351, is located at the Division of Accounts and Reports Policy and Procedure Manual website.
Effective April 18, 2008, Official Hospitality for meals will only be reimbursed at the current subsistence meal
rate for state employees.  The fiscal year 2016 rates are:  Breakfast $9.00, Lunch $12.00, and Dinner $25.00.
This rate will be allowed for each person present for the official hospitality (excluding spouses of state
employees).  Expenses over the allowed rate will not be paid using state funds.  No alcohol or tax on alcohol
will be allowed.

Department will:

  1. Enter a Requisition in the Market Center. The only Speedtype acceptable is APP with Account 529700. In comments it must be clearly stated the following:
    1. The date, place and purpose of the event.
    2. List all attendees, state if they work for the state or not (at least 1 individual must be a state employee and at least 1 individual must NOT be a state employee).
    3. If the payment is a personal reimbursement to a state employee, submit a completed and
      signed Prior Authorization Form, along with a copy of the itemized receipt, to Purchasing
      (fax 8-1102).
  2. Wait for a system Purchase Order confirmation via e-mail.
  3. Receive on-line.
  4. Submit to Accounts Payable original invoice for payment. On the invoice it must clearly state the following:
    1. The Purchase Order number.
    2. The date, place and purpose of the event.
    3. List all attendees and state if they work for the state or not.

NOTE: If you do not have an APP account, but you do have General Use Funds or Research Overhead Funds, please contact the Budget Office for them to assist you on setting up an APP account.

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