General Forms

  • Add/Update Vendor Info - Use this form to request a new vendor setup or to change the address of an existing vendor.
  • Buyers Signature Form   - This form is used by Purchasing Department Staff only.
  • Cancel PO - Cancel a Purchase Order or lines on a Purchase Order.
  • Complaint to Vendor   - This form is a state form to be used when you have a complaint against a contract vendor. Enter specific information regarding the complaint, sign in the box "Name and Title of Person Initiating Complaint" and forward to KUMC Purchasing. KUMC Purchasing will sign as the Authorized Signature and forward to the state.
  • Contractual Provisions Attachment   - KU146a, *revised 05/2014  **NOTE:  The Highlighted statement on the KU146a form MUST be incorporated on to any/all vendor contractual paper
  • Contractual Services Form   - This form is to be used to obtain the signature of an individual who is to be paid a fee for a lecture, consultation, participation or other contractual service that qualifies for payment by voucher.
  • E-Agency Purchase Order Form   - this form is used for Purchases made with Endowment or Private Funds.
  • Purchase Request Form 120   - This form is used for bidding purposes.
  • Prior Authorization Form   - This form is an online form to be used for acquisitions that you believe fall outside the realm of the aforementioned guidelines...sole source, emergency, off-contract, or personal reimbursements. For these requests, you must provide detailed explanations which will be reviewed by Purchasing prior to approval or denial.
  • RS07 Form (RAD Sheet)  Radioactive Material Order Approval Form
  • Request To Pay Recruit Expense   - Use this form to request to pay recruiting expenses for out-of-state applicants.
  • Tax Exempt Certificates
  • W-9 Form   Note: Request a W-9 with a current signature and date.  SMART will reject a W-9 with a date older than one year when submitted.

BPC Forms

Last modified: Mar 17, 2015