General Forms

  • Add/Update Vendor Info - Use this form to request a new vendor setup or to change the address of an existing vendor.
  • Buyers Signature Form   - This form is used by Purchasing Department Staff only.
  • Cancel PO - Cancel a Purchase Order or lines on a Purchase Order.
  • KU146a - Contractual Provisions Attachment   - KU146a, *revised 05/2014  **NOTE:  The Highlighted statement on the KU146a form MUST be incorporated on to any/all vendor contractual paper
  • Contractual Services Form   - This form is to be used to obtain the signature of an individual who is to be paid a fee for a lecture, consultation, participation or other contractual service that qualifies for payment by voucher.
  • E-Agency Purchase Order Form   - this form is used for Purchases made with Endowment or Private Funds.
  • Purchase Request Form 120   - This form is used for bidding purposes.
  • Prior Authorization Form   - This form is an online form to be used for acquisitions that you believe fall outside the realm of the aforementioned guidelines...sole source, emergency, off-contract, or personal reimbursements. For these requests, you must provide detailed explanations which will be reviewed by Purchasing prior to approval or denial.
  • RS07 Form (RAD Sheet)  Radioactive Material Order Approval Form
  • Request To Pay Recruit Expense   - Use this form to request to pay recruiting expenses for out-of-state applicants.
  • Tax Exempt Certificates
  • W-9 Form   Note: Request a W-9 with a current signature and date.  SMART will reject a W-9 with a date older than one year when submitted.

BPC Forms

Last modified: May 27, 2016