Emergency Orders

An emergency is any situation that requires the immediate placement of a Purchase Order, to assure continued functioning of a research activity, to protect life and/or property, or to insure the supply of utilities to buildings and facilities. All departments must follow the procedure set forth by the Purchasing department.

Emergency purchase procedure

  1. Department will:
    1. Notify the Purchasing Department
      1. If during normal working hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Mon. - Fri.), the department will place their order on-line via a requisition. If after hours, the requisition will be entered immediately following the first day of normal working hours. See Personal Reimbursements Policy and Procedure, if a personal reimbursement is necessary.
      2. Phone the Purchasing Department and verbally notify them of the request.
    2. Fax or e-mail to Purchasing Department a Prior Authorization form  . Indicate on Prior Authorization form the requisition number.
  2. Purchasing Will:
    1. Create a Purchase Order for the emergency within one hour.
    2. The PeopleSoft system will automatically generate and send an email to the requester with the purchase order attached. It is the department's responsibility to place the order with the vendor.
  3. All orders:
    1. Are subject to non-approval if not purchased from the correct source (i.e. protected vendor or contract vendor).
    2. All purchases require a prior authorization form, including personal reimbursements.
    3. Grant purchases are contingent upon approval by Grant Accounting.

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