Contract Info

The State of Kansas establishes state-wide contracts for use by all State agencies. In addition to these state-wide contracts, the Purchasing Department of the University of Kansas Medical Center establishes KUMC Specific contracts for use by the University departments.

A University contract can be established locally if the annual expenditure falls within our local authority of $25,000. Annual expenditures exceeding that amount require the contract be established by the State Division of Purchases. We are required to utilize state-wide or University contracts for the purchase of goods or services from the following contracts.

The contract list includes both state-wide and University of Kansas Medical Center contracts.  Contracts listed as Statewide Mandatory or KUMC Specific are to be used when spending State funds.

NOTE: Contract titles are linked to complete Contract in Word on the State Department of Administration, Division of Purchases web site.


KUMC Printing Portal

KU Medical Center business cards, letterhead, envelopes and other stationery products must now be ordered through the Printing Solutions website protal; KUMC Printing Solutions Portal .  KUMC employees are not permitted to use another printing vendor for business cards or stationery-type orders.
Non-business card, non-stationery projects can be sent to an outside printing vendor.  A list of recommended vendors may be found at this link:  Recommended Printing Vendors List

Matheson Tri-Gas
The contract with Matheson Tri-Gas is 37143829, a mandatory use contract for KU Lawrence and KUMC. Each department is to establish their own account number with the vendor, and add that account number in the External Comments section of the KU Market Center requisition. This will show on the PO and the vendor will then know to whom the order is to be delivered on campus.

KUMC Procurement Group Purchasing Organizations
Various group purchasing organizations may be accessed and used in procurement capacities by KUMC.  A list of those organizations may be found by clicking here.


Effective June 1, 2009, a minimum order of $35.00 from Staples will be implemented.
Effective July 1, 2009, the name officially changes from Corporate Express/Staples to Staples Contract &
Commercial, Inc. dba Staples Advantage.  The vendor number assigned in PeopleSoft/KUMC Market Center is 0001000457.

FISHER SCIENTIFIC:   New users will need to set up an account with Fisher, than register online to get access to the Fisher online catalog and State of Kansas contract pricing.  To set up an account, contact our Fisher representative Rich Grabbe, 800-955-9999, ext. 1992445, or by e-mail at .  After an account is established, go to the Fisher website, .  At the Log-In area, register as a new user by completing the required fields to create a user profile.  Your account will be reviewed and approved for online use.  This may take up to 24 hours.  After approval, you will be able to log on and have access to contract pricing, product availability and online ordering.   Current Fisher Scientific contract number,  23316997

"Off Contract" Purchases: If requesting to go "Off Contract" to purchase a unique or specialized item, when a similar item is on a contract, you must complete a Prior Authorization Form  . The form must contain the reason the item is unique/specialized and why what is on contract is not acceptable. This form must also be completed requesting to go "Off Contract" for cost savings. Cost saving must be at least 10%. A cost comparison must be noted directly on the form indicating the contract price versus the price of the item you are requesting approval for. Fax the form to Purchasing at 8-1102.

Last modified: Jan 13, 2015