For all funds managed by the KU Medical Center, including Restricted Fees, Fee, and Appropriation Funds, the Medical Center operates under a business practice policy that all procurement of supplies and services must be reviewed and approved prior to the procurement. This review and approval is conducted by the Purchasing Department. Because of this business practice policy, it is mandatory that a requisition/purchase order be created by the individual department through the PeopleSoft/KUMC Market Center system prior to the ordering of any supplies, services or equipment. Departments are not authorized to commit state funds without creating and receiving an approved KUMC purchase order.

Furthermore, Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little provides annual notification to the Board of Regents specifying those University positions whose incumbents have been delegated authority to execute contracts on behalf of the University for purchase of goods or services in excess of $100,000.00. While the Chancellor's delegated authority is for in excess of $100,000.00, KUMC policy is that all contracts (no matter the dollar amount) for goods and services be reviewed and approved by the KUMC Purchasing Department, and as necessary by Legal, prior to signing on behalf of KUMC. If a vendor requires a signature, that document must be reviewed by Purchasing prior to signing.

Contracts should be sent to the Director of Purchasing at Mailstop 2034
For assistance or questions call the Purchasing Department, 913-588-4186.

- R. Michael Keeble
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance

Centralized Purchasing

The University of Kansas Medical Center maintains a policy of centralized purchasing. All orders placed by or on behalf of the University of Kansas Medical Center must be processed through the Purchasing Department and receive a purchase order number. As requisitions are created by the procuring department, central purchasing staff will review them for compliance with state-wide or University contracts, adherence to purchasing statutes and spending limits, and the need to seek competition from alternate vendors. Central office purchasing staff also manages the competitive bid process, either locally for those purchases that fall within our local authority, or through the Division of Purchases for those purchases exceeding this authority.

The Purchasing Department also administers the Business Procurement Card Program, which allows cardholders to make purchases using the card, in accordance with state and university requirements, without a purchase order.

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* NOTE:  The Highlighted statement on the KU146a form MUST be incorporated on to any/all vendor contractual paper