State of Kansas Surplus Property Program

Program Description: The State Surplus Property Program has been designed and implemented to provide a means for State Agencies to make disposition or reallocation of excess or surplus property. This program enables and encourages the reutilization of agencies excess property to reduce expenditures for certain supply and capital outlay items. The program provides an opportunity for state agencies and local units of government as well as certain limited non-profit companies to acquire needed materials and equipment that may otherwise be difficult to obtain. Mission Statement: The mission of the State Surplus Property Agency is to inspect, warehouse and distribute state owned excess property at minimal cost to those state agencies who can justifiably utilize such property. Further, the agency shall offer state surplus property to entities eligible to participate in the Federal Surplus Property Program and lastly, shall market the remaining property to the general public at fixed or negotiated prices, public auction or sealed bid in order to recoup the maximum return on the states investment in such property.

Program Goals: (1) To inspect and select usable excess property and promote reutilization of same within state agencies; (2) To offer surplus property, not required by state agencies, to other eligible donees; (3) To market the remaining property to the general public; (4) To assess such fees as may be necessary to ensure the solvency of this self-supporting program.

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Last modified: Jan 03, 2018