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Payment of Late Absence Entry for Non-Exempt (hourly) Employees

For hourly employees, absences during a pay period must be entered and approved by the Monday after the pay period ends in order to be included in the regular check for that pay period.

Any absence approved later than the payroll deadline for the pay period will be paid on an off-cycle check. The earliest that this could be is the next pay period payday. The payment is made on a separate check. Refer to the payroll calendar on the payroll website for pay period start/end and paydays.

For example: Pay period begin date

Pay period end date

Payroll time entry deadline






Jane took vacation on 2/16/16, and did not create the absence request until March 1st. This is after the payroll deadline for the pay period. This absence will be processed during the next pay period processing to ensure that absence balances are sufficient.

Pay period begin date

Pay period end date





Jane could receive payment for the vacation day on 3/25/16 on a separate check. Payment could be delayed to the next week depending on other payroll processing requirements.



Last modified: Nov 06, 2017