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The interfund voucher process is defined as the cashless system of moving funds for payment of goods/services that state agencies have purchased from/provided to one another.

The interfund voucher is broken up into two segments: the paying agency section and the receiving agency section. If you purchase services/goods from another state agency, then you are deemed the paying agency. If you receive revenue from another state agency for services/goods purchased, then you are deemed the receiving agency. Section A - Paying Agency and Section B - Receiving Agency will assist you with the processing of both segments of the interfund. The University also requires the use of the interfund voucher for payments of tuition and fees to Student Financial Accounting only. The Lawrence campus does not accept the interfund voucher for payment of tuition and fees. These payments should be routed through the normal procurement/payment process as for any vendor. All other internal transactions between departments of the University should be processed through the interdepartmental billing (IDB) system if applicable.

The interfund voucher process follows the same procurement/payment rules as acquiring a purchase order for any vendor. Once the procurement and payment processes have been met, the interfund is processed electronically by central accounting users to the state via the SOKI3+ (State of Kansas Interactive Internet Interfunds) system. The internet system allows the capability to initiate and reciprocate interfund transactions after audit by the Department of Administration within 48 hours.

Section A - Paying Agency Information

If you purchased goods/services from another state agency, then you are the paying agency. You must acquire a purchase order number prior to placing an order to that state agency for goods/services purchased. Exceptions: departments dealing with DISC (Division of Information Systems and Communications) and the State Treasure will acquire a purchase order number when invoice has been received. The vendor number for state agencies is the agency's 3 digit number followed by six zeroes. (State of Kansas Agency Code Listing)  . Once the goods/services have been received, receive items acceptable for payment in PeopleSoft and forward invoice (if applicable) with notation of purchase order number and receipt number to Accounts Payable for payment processing. For services not invoiced, written documentation supporting the purchase of the goods/services must be acquired by the receiving agency and submitted to Accounts Payable with notation of purchase order number and receipt number on the document for payment processing. No interfund transaction will be processed without an invoice or supporting documentation from the receiving agency.

Tuition and Fees payments for students and employees paid to Student Financial Accounting must acquire a purchase order. The following information must be on the requisition:

  • Student/employee name. Enrollment status will be verified with Student Services and Human Resources by the Controller's office.
  • Date and period of class(es) taken. i.e.: Fall03 (08/17/03 - 12/19/03), Spring04 (01/16/04 - 05/17/04) For employees, the name of the class(es) and course number(s) must be furnished.
  • Criteria date
  • Expense sub-object 2660 is used for tuition and fees for employees. Sub-object 5660 is used for students. If fees are paid and not tuition, and these fees are required for enrollment, 2660 or 5660 is still used. No other expense sub-object code should be used.

Once the invoice has been received, receive in PeopleSoft and attach the invoice or supporting documentation to the invoice, and forward directly to Student Financial Accounting.

This process must be done in order to properly apply the tuition and fee payment to the student/employee's account. Student Financial Accounting will then forward all documents to the central accounting offices to complete the payment process.

Section B - Receiving Agency Information

Any University department providing goods/services to another state agency is the receiving agency and must provide an invoice to that state agency and submit an interfund voucher    and a copy of the invoice to Control and Reporting for receipting in the revenue from the state agency. An invoice can be created by any means, but must contain the following information:

  • Invoice number: a numerical number assigned to the invoice that will aid you in identifying what you are billing.
  • Invoice date
  • Unit of measure (quantity) if applicable
  • Description of goods or services provided and dates goods/services were supplied
  • Unit price and total amount
  • Contact person, department name, and telephone number.

Fill in the following fields on the interfund voucher (sample:

  • Your speedtype to receive the revenue in the agency use field in the receiving agency (bottom) section of the interfund.
  • Receiving agency information box at the top left of interfund voucher. Agy no. 683000000, your department name, contact person name, and telephone number.
  • Paying agency information box at the top right of interfund voucher. Agy no., department name, contact person name, and telephone number.
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