Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need to establish a Restricted Fee Account. Where can I find the information I need on how to do that?
A. Please read the information in all three links below.

Q. I have a check that needs to be deposited in a Medical Center Account. What do I do with it?
A. Complete a Restricted Fee Deposit Memo form. Send the completed form and the check to Control and Reporting.

Q. Who initiates the interfund voucher process?
A. When a University department purchases goods or negotiates an agreement of services from a department in another state agency, an interfund receipt/payment is likely to occur. Both departments from each agency are responsible for making sure the invoice information or supporting documentation gets to their respective accounting offices for payment/receipt processing.

Q. What is the vendor number of the state agency and how do I acquire it?
A. A list of state agencies and their corresponding 3-digit agency number is provided for you in the State of Kansas Agency Code Listing  .  Just add six (6) zeroes to get the vendor number. Be sure to question the state agency you are procuring services/goods from whether or not they will accept interfunds as payment/receipt for goods/services. Not all departments in a state agency are state funded entities.

Q. Do interfunds produce checks?
A. No. Remember, the interfund process is a cashless system. No warrants are written.

Q. How long does it take for an interfund to process?
A. It depends. In order for an interfund to process, both the paying agency section and the receiving agency section have to be complete. Normally, if both accounting offices from each state agency have all of the supporting documentation to process the transaction, the interfund can be processed within 48 hours. It is the responsibility of the department procuring the goods/services or receiving payment for the goods/services to make sure their accounting offices have the necessary paperwork to process the interfund in a timely manner.

Q. Do individual departments have access to SOKI3+?
A. No. Only the central accounting office has access to SOKI.

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