Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Account Code should be used for meals when recruiting new faculty?
When the recruitee and state employees have a meal together and the state pays for the meal, then the Account Code has to be 2970 for "Official Hospitality." When using Account Code 2970, "Official Hospitality," the date, place, purpose, list of attendees and whether they are state employees or not must be included on the payment.

Account 2610 should be used only to reimburse the recruitee's meals paid by the recruitee.

If you have any additional questions about the proper Account Code to use in a particular situation please call (8-5335) or e-mail Toni Funderburke in Accounts Payable.

Q. I need to change some information for a vendor. How do I do that?
A. Use the Add/Change Vendor form located on the Purchasing web site.

Last modified: Mar 18, 2014