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Faculty Activity Collaboration Tool


Welcome to the  Faculty Activity Collaboration Tool (FACT) Website! This website will provide you with information about the FACT project. FACT, a software product from Digital Measures will be used to improve the current processes for faculty data collection by providing an online repository. This provides an easier and more efficient way for the Schools of Health Professions, Medicine and Nursing, to manage large reporting processes in a less time-consuming manner.

FACT will allow KUMC faculty to collect, organize, and display their research, teaching and service data for the purposes of annual reviews, specialized reports such as curriculum vita, biosketch, training grants tables and web pages. Faculty will have the capability to use customizable options and may choose to include narratives, syllabus, and attachments. Through FACT, you can quickly respond to requests for information from institutions and organizations about faculty activity in a particular area.  

FACT will be the faculty activity reporting system in year 2017. Administrators and faculty will begin to enter information directly into FACT once the software is launched.This project will help KUMC tailor a leading software solution to our specific needs in order to take our information and our campus to the next level.


FACT is being implemented at a level and pace that each unit finds most comfortable.  There are three on-boarding techniques that are currently in use;Structured Phasing,Soft Roll-Out, and  Foot-in-the-Door.There are three phases of support that departments and colleges using FACT may receive; Implementation Phase, Data Entry Phase, and Support Phase. If you believe your unit may be interested in taking advantage of what FACT has to offer, contact the FACT Support Team at

Last modified: Jun 13, 2019
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Data Confidentiality

The Confidentiality of Information in FACT is governed by Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations Article VII.