Confidential Shredding

Recall provides confidential on-site document shredding and off-site media shredding for the medical center. They maintain confidentiality in accordance with the best industry practices in compliance with federal and state law, and in compliance with the National Associate for Information Destruction, Inc. requirements for Contractor certification. Their employees are required to sign a statement of confidentiality guaranteeing non-disclosure of information prioir to performing any work on campus.

The medical center is serviced on Wednesdays. In order to receive service, please respond to the weekly email with the name of your building and room location where your bin is kept. No response is necessary if pickup is not needed. If you are not receiving these emails and need to be put on the list, please contact Kristen Beckley (x87939) .

Please keep in mind that these bins are provided only for medical center confinential items only. The following should not be placed in your confidntial bin:

  • Personal shred items
  • Envelopes of any kind
  • Folders of any kind
  • Any metal (staples and small paper clips are okay)
  • Paper for recyling (we have other methods of recyling on campus)
  • Books, newspapers, and magazines
  • Trash

Please remove all of the above prior to placing confidential items in the shred bin. There is a pick a fee as well as a charge per weight for every bin and removing the non-confidential items will help reduce costs campus wide. If you are needing media destruction, please keep them separate from your bin and respond to the weekly email stating what kind of media that is needing destroyed as well as how many of each. Department funding is required for large file purges and media destruction.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Beckley (x87939) and she will further assist you.

Pink Barrel Program

This program allows collection of white paper only in the Pink bins. If you would like to have one in a more convenient area, please contact Kristen Beckley (x87939).

Please utilize the blue bins around campus for an easy way to collect and transfer paper to the pink bins.






Last modified: Nov 17, 2015