Confidential Shredding

Jayhawk File Express provides confidential off-site document and media shredding for the University of Kansas Medical Center. They maintain confidentiality in accordance with the best industry practices in compliance with federal and state law, and in compliance with the National Associate for Information Destruction, Inc. requirements for Contractor certification. Their employees are required to sign a statement of confidentiality guaranteeing non-disclosure of information prioir to performing any work on campus.

Confidential Bins

Shred Bins are provided by Stacks LLC (Formerly Jayhawk File Express) as requested. There are two types of bins provided; there is a standard cabinet and a 64 gallon secured bin; temporary bins are also available upon request. Please contact the FM housekeeping vendor manager (x87986)  for bin requests.

Please keep in mind that these bins are provided for medical center confidential items only.

The following should be placed in your confidential shred bin:

  • Sealed Architectural Designs/ Drawings
  • Personal Communication - Drafts, Letters, Emails, Notes
  • Personal Information - Social Security Numbers, HR Forms, Payroll Information, Insurance Information
  • Patient, employee or customer names and addresses
  • Contracts - draft, notes, obsolete, proprietary information
  • Brainstorming Notes
  • Phone Logs
  • Blue Prints

Please remove all plastic, cardboard, and binders prior to placing confidential items in the shred bin.

Service Requests

The medical center is serviced on Wednesdays. In order to receive service, requests should be made by noon on Tuesday. To request shredding service please use the links below:

To help minimize costs, please ensure that bins will be at least 50% full by the pickup date.

For assistance with destruction of media, blue print, large file purges, or other confidential material, please contact the FM housekeeping vendor manager (x87986).  Note: These items may incur charges billable to your department.

Last modified: Oct 03, 2016