University Housekeeping

For immediate assistance, please send correspondence via email to or call the main office phone number at x8-3535.

Housekeeping contract manager: Margaret Okunoren, x8-7925.

The University Housekeeping office is located at G079 Delp.

The state contract covers the following services:

  • Trash collection
    • Offices - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Common areas such as hallways, bathrooms, labs, clinics and waiting areas are done daily
  • Vacuuming & Mopping
    • Offices - Tuesday & Thursday
    • Common areas such as hallways, bathrooms, labs, clinis and waiting areas are done daily
  • Refill soap, paper towel, and hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Floor care
    • Please contact University Housekeeping immediately if there is a spill so that proper treatment can be started
    • All floors are done yearly: Tile- strip and wax,  Carpet- shampooed 
  • Interior partition glass cleaning
  • Additional Services available outside of the contract ( each charged accordingly)
    • Event clean up - trash removal and additional cleaning is needed with food and beverage
    • Extra floor care
    • Cleaning of refrigerators, microwaves, or any other household appliances
    • Upholstry cleaning

For pest control issues, please contact Diana Hardesty at x8-9001 or via e-mail.

Margaret Okunoren oversees the university housekeeping function. If you have questions or concerns regarding housekeeping services in your area, please contact her at or at x8-7925.

Last modified: May 18, 2015

Facilities Work Requests

For Facilities services, 24-hours a day, please call us at x8-7928.

For Housekeeping services, please e-mail University Housekeeping (see the list of services), or call them at x8-3535.