University Housekeeping

For immediate assistance, please send correspondence via email to or call the main office phone number at x8-3535.

Housekeeping manager: Kathy Whitlow

The University Housekeeping office is located at G079 Delp.

The state contract covers the following services:

  • Trash collection
    • Offices - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Common areas such as hallways, bathrooms, labs, clinics and waiting areas are done daily
  • Vacuuming & Mopping
    • Offices - Tuesday & Thursday
    • Common areas such as hallways, bathrooms, labs, clinis and waiting areas are done daily
  • Refill soap, paper towel, and hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Floor care
    • Please contact University Housekeeping immediately if there is a spill so that proper treatment can be started
    • All floors are done yearly: Tile- strip and wax,  Carpet- shampooed 
  • Interior partition glass cleaning
  • Additional Services available outside of the contract ( each charged accordingly)
    • Event clean up - trash removal and additional cleaning is needed with food and beverage
    • Trash can and dumpster delivery and pickup 
    • Extra floor care
    • Cleaning of refrigerators, microwaves, or any other household appliances
    • Upholstry cleaning

For pest control please contact Erica Goscha directly.

Erica Goscha oversees the university housekeeping function. If your area is not meeting the needs of the state contract, please contact her at or at x8-7939.

Last modified: Nov 21, 2013

Facilities Work Requests

For Facilities services, 24-hours a day, please call us at x8-7928.

For Housekeeping services, please e-mail University Housekeeping (see the list of services), or call them at x8-3535.