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How Does it Work?

Private/Office Areas

Every office occupant is responsible for taking their trash and recycle items  from their office areas to designated green stations on their floors. There will be at least one green station per floor in every building.  Recycle materials collected should be sorted into the following categories:

On a nightly basis, the housekeeping crew picks up the trash in the designated Green Spots. Trash and recycling will be collected from Green Spots are taken to the appropriate collection locations.

Classrooms/Public Areas/Clinical Areas/Laboratory Areas

  • Includes Restrooms, Conference Rooms and Break Areas
  • Housekeeping Staff Collect Waste and Recycle materials from these areas and green spots on a nightly basis
  • Trash and Recycle collected are transferred to the appropriate collection sites

Collection Process

  • Recycling contents in Green spots are taken to the recycling compactors/dumpsters by the housekeeping team for pickup by the waste management vendor
  • The Waste Management vendor hauls the compacted recycle materials and takes them to the appropriate recycling processors Batliner, Deffenbaugh, Ripple Glass, etc. for processing.
  • Rebates from recycling vendors are returned to the Facilities team by the processing facilities to continue to fund the program

Recycling Partners

  • GCA Services (Housekeeping)
  • Glasdon Inc (Recycling Containers)
  • Allied/Republic Services (Hauling - Cardboard)
  • Ripple Glass (Glass Recycling)
  • Batliner (Paper & Cardboard Processor)
  • Deffenbaugh (Hauler/Processor - Mixed Recycling)
  • 12th Street Recycling (Metal Recycling)
  • Jayhawk File Express (Confidential Shredding and Blue Prints - visit Confidential Shredding site for more details)
Last modified: Nov 07, 2018
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