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The recycling committee aims to raise awareness of the KUMC community about recycling and to give people the tools to be environmentally responsible.

Recycling Committee

Strategy Team

  • Fonda Briles
  • Steffani Webb
  • Ronn Fowler
  • Shelley Bhattacharya
  • John Freeman
  • Kevin Rowald
  • Margaret Okunoren
  • Carrie Brown
Locations Presentation & Design Bin Selection Training & Communications Event Kickoff Team

Recycling Champions

Helping recycle only takes a small amount of your time. Sign up to become a Recycling Champion and help make KUMC a greener place for everyone.  

Need to contact the Recycling Champion for your building?  View the list of KUMC Recycling Champions.


Where will my green station be located? Click on this link to locate the recycling location closest to you

Where can I obtain a deskside recycling bin?  Please send an email to to request deskside recycling bins

How many green stations will I have in my building? The number of green stations is dependent on the number of occupants on each floor, the size of the building, and the layout of the building. The Recycling team will partner with each building to identify effective and efficient green stations;

How often will the green station be serviced?  Green stations will be serviced by housekeeping on a nightly basis.

Will housekeeping continue to clean my office? Yes, Univeristy Housekeeping will continue all contracted duties including vacuuming offices. The only is change is that they will not empty trash bins in offices/cubicles.

Where can I obtain replacement liners for my deskside trash can? Trash can liners will be provided to the building coordinators/ recycling champions/department administrators to distribute to their teams as needed. However, the goal is to recycle as much as you can to minimize the use of the trash can.

How do I recycle large quantities of cardboard? Cardboard pickup can be scheduled with a call to facilities services (x87928) or an email to recycling

Who do I contact when there is an overflow in the green station? Please contact UniversityHousekeeping to have the green station serviced.

Can I bring recycling items from home? People bringing recycling from home can take their recycling to the large green/yellow bins located around campus. Please see KUMC drop off areas for locations. This will ensure we do not have piles of recycling sitting around campus.

What are the cost savings to KUMC from the program?

  • Recycling creates cost savings as the disposal fee per ton charged on landfill is eliminated and in some cases is replaced with a rebate
  • Housekeeping efficiencies are gained when they do not spend time emptying trash that does not to be picked up
  •  Cost savings in housekeeping supplies when less liners are used resulting in less landfill waste

 How does the rollout process work?

  • There is an overall schedule that has been developed for the rollout to all buildings. As buildings are identified within this schedule, the recycling team partners with representatives from each building; typically building administrators and known recycling champions.

  • The schedule will be determined through partnership with the building to assess building readiness. The rollout is for the entire building and the readiness of all floors in the building will significantly impact the timing of the rollout.

  • The building recycling representatives will assist with designing the communication and awareness program and the kickoff approach.


Last modified: Nov 07, 2018