Recycling Locations and Items to Recycle

KUMC is now a co-mingled recycling facility. All recycling items can be placed in the blue bins around campus as well as the green dumpsters located outside around campus. Please feel free to bring your recycling from home for these bins.

KUMC Recycling Locations:

Delp D - Ground - 5th Floor*

Delp F - Ground Floor **

Dykes Library - Ground Floor

Hemenway (KLSIC) - 2nd Floor and 4th Floor

Kirmayer Fitness Center - Outdoor

Miller - Ground Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor

Orr-Major - Basement**, Ground Floor **, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, and 4th Floor

Robinson - 1st & 2nd Floor

School of Nursing (SON) - Basement, Ground Floor, 1st Floor, and 4th Floor*

Student Center - Lobby, Basement*, and 3rd Floor*

Sudler Link - Basement

Support Services - NW corner by exit door

Wahl East - Ground Floor**, 3rd Floor*, 4th Floor*, 5th Floor*, and 6th Floor

Wescoe B - Ground - 5th Floor

**Located by the Elevators

**multiple locations on the same floor

PINK Bins are for lose white/mixed paper recycling only. Please make sure that no items are bounded, have metal clips or have metal prongs. Small paper clips and staples are okay. 

**Please remember, empty and clean your containers, remove your lids and if possible, crush your items. Place only items that have smaller openings than the container**

Last modified: Aug 07, 2015
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recyclingIf you would like to report a full bin in one of the centrally located areas, contact