Projects Division


The mission of the Projects Division is to provide the University of Kansas Medical Center with a top quality renovation and construction services program that ensures work is completed in a professional, cost effective, and customer friendly manner.

Small room renovations and discretionary (billable) projects are generated by submitting a Work Request.

Large projects require lead-time for plans and to initiate a formal process due to funding, building codes, and State requirements. Some examples include the Hemenway Life Sciences Innovation Center, the School of Nursing and the Landon Center on Aging. Our Projects Division can providee in-house designs, and expert Architectural or Engineering advice.  Please review our Campus Construction Policy for additional information.

Relocation Process

Leigh Ann Arbuckle (ext. 8-0205) is our Relocation Manager for all Construction projects. She assists our customers in changing addresses, signage, scheduling movers, coordinating with furniture contractors, etc.

Additional Services Provided

Large Trash Removal - Please submit a Work Request or contact our Facilities Service Coordinators (x8-7928) to arrange for large trash removal. Open top dumpster carts on wheels are available for $5 per day with a $40 per hour removal fee. The dumpsters can be emptied as often as needed.

Last modified: Dec 12, 2013

Facilities Work Requests

For Facilities services, 24-hours a day, please call us at x8-7928.

For Housekeeping services, please e-mail University Housekeeping (see the list of services), or call them at x8-3535.