Mixed-Waste Disposal Instructions

Mixed Waste

Mixed-Waste is any material containing both a hazardous chemical and a radiological hazard.  It is very expensive to dispose of so it is strongly recommended that researchers try to avoid creating mixed-waste.  Tol dispose of mixed-waste, email a request to EHS@kumc.edu indicating what materials need to be picked up, the name of the radiation permit holder, and where the items are located.  The materials must be labeled with not only the radioactive contents (isotope, activity, and the assay date) but also all of the chemical contents and percentages of each.  

If the isotopic content of the material has a half-life of 90 days or less, then the material will be held by EHS for ten half-lives, surveyed and if found to be non-radioactive, the material will be disposed of as chemical waste.  If the half-life is greater than 90 days, the material must be disposed of within 90 days as mixed-waste.

Once you have requested that EHS pick up your waste, you will be sent an inventory form to list the activity amounts for the waste.  In order to keep an accurate inventory, the waste activity amounts should not be decay corrected, but should reflect the activity at the date the material was assayed by the vendor.  If you have never filled out this form, EHS will assist you with this when they arrive for the pick-up.  EHS will call or email to coordinate a time that EHS can come to pick up the waste.

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