Computer and Electronic Equipment Disposal Instructions

Computer Recycling and Disposal Program

Changes have been made to the computer recycling and disposal program that will allow for greater access and more frequent disposals. Effective March 30, 2015, you can bring your computer and technology equipment (monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, etc.) to 3021 Taylor Building and check them in at the Jayhawk Tech Clinic. From there, the Tech Clinic staff will process and dispose of your devices. This process with the Jayhawk Tech Clinic will replace the existing first Friday of the month process. Note that the equipment disposal forms must still be completed and attached to the device for check-in with the Tech Clinic.

This form is available via via the following instructions:  Login to > Computing Tab > under Resources and Services > Equipment Disposal Form

If you have a larger number of devices (i.e. greater than 15) at one time to dispose of, please contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic at 588-7995 to arrange for someone to help coordinate that collection.

For all non-computer related electronic laboratory equipment disposal (e.g., Scales, HPLC, Scintillation Counters etc.), please contact our office at

If you have any questions about the computer recycling and disposal process, please contact John Godfrey via e-mail at


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