Drug Disposal Instructions


Note:  EHS will not dispose of drugs that have been brought from home.  These should be disposed of through your local household hazardous waste collection facility.

DEA Regulated Drugs:

Contact EHS (EHS@kumc.edu) for instructions on disposing of these items.

Non-DEA Regulated Drugs

Fill out the Chemical Pick-Up Request form.  This form will ask who you are, what room and building the chemicals are in,  what chemicals you need to dispose of, in what size containers, and how many of each container. 

If you have any special instructions like where the materials are located within the room, special instructions on when the pick-up should occur, or if you need more blank Hazardous waste labels or certain empty containers that EHS supplies, you can enter this information in the comments section. 

The form will be submitted electronically to several members of EHS and someone will come to get the materials - usually within hours, but within up to three working days.

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