Security of Radioactive Materials

Radioactive materials must either be kept under a trained radiation worker's direct control (i.e., within sight of) or in a secured location at all times. 

The two most common ways that Authorized Users at KUMC meet these regulations are by ensuring that either:  

  1. Radioactive Materials are always kept locked in freezers, cabinets, or other areas at all times when not in use, or
  2. Laboratories that are posted as Radioactive Materials Areas are kept locked at all times when the lab is unattended.

You can help us meet these requirements by ensuring that:  

  • You do not leave a locked Radioactive Materials area unlocked and unattended.
  • You NEVER dispose of anything that is labeled "radioactive" and never dispose of radioactive labels - even if the item they are attached to is not radioactive.
  • You confront individuals (in a friendly manner) who enter your lab to determine why they are there and warn them of the hazards that are present.  Any suspicious or unsafe behavior -- even if it does not result in a loss of material -- should be reported immediately to the EHS office (8-6126) or KUMC police (8-5030 or 911 from a campus phone).
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