Radiation Permits

Applying for an Initial Radiation Permit

Any research at the University of Kansas Medical Center that involves the use of radioactive material or a radiation-producing device must be specifically authorized by the University of Kansas Medical Center's Radiation Safety Committee coordinated through the KUMC Environment, Health & Safety Office.  

Before an individual can possess and use radioactive materials, the individual must become an approved Authorized User of radioactive materials.  To be an Authorized User at KUMC, the individual must ordinarily be a faculty member (teaching associate or higher).  However, a person other than a faculty member may be authorized at the discretion of the Radiation Safety Committee.  The process of becoming an Authorized User begins when the interested individual completes and submits the Application for Authorization to Possess and Use Radioactive Materials found on the EHS website.

As part of this application, the individual must supply evidence of past training and/or knowledge of radiation safety by providing evidence of passing a radiation safety class at another institution.   

If the individual does not have evidence of prior training and/or knowledge of radiation safety, the individual will have to complete the following:

  • Supply evidence of experience commensurate with the planned use of radioactive materials (approval to use radioactive material will not be granted based on work experience alone) and;
  • Meet the Radiation Safety Training Requirements for an Authorized User described in the Radiation Safety Manual.

The Radiation Safety Officer will complete the initial review of the application and grant conditional approval if the request falls within the limits and authority of the KUMC Radioactive Materials License.  The Radiation Safety Officer will then present the conditionally approved request to the Radiation Safety Committee for final approval.  The Radiation Safety Officer has been granted the authority by the RSC to approve one use of radioactive material while the permit is in "conditionally approved" status.

Amending a Permit

Authorized Users are required to keep all aspects of their radioactive materials use permit accurate and up to date.  Most changes to the information contained in the Permit should be communicated to the Radiation Safety Officer via the Permit Amendment Form.  Exceptions to this include adding or deleting areas or personnel, deleting processes or approved materials, or adding chemical compounds (without a change in handling methods).  In these cases, changes can be communicated via email to RSO@kumc.edu.  Any changes become effective after approval by the Radiation Safety Officer.  Possible amendments include:

  • Adding or deleting areas or personnel from the permit
  • Changing approved materials (radionuclide, chemical compound, desired possession limit, etc.) 
  • Changing how radioactive materials will be handled (i.e., changing any processing steps after the radioisotope has been introduced into the experiment)

Renewing a Permit

Every two years, radioactive material permits will be evaluated for renewal.  Prior to the expiration date of the present authorization, the Authorized User will be contacted by the RSO and requested to complete and submit the required request for renewal of the user's radioactive Materials Use Permit.  The request should indicate any changes in personnel, facility, project, and radionuclides.  Renewals are reviewed by the Radiation Safety Officer and the Radiation Safety Committee on the same criteria as original applications for authorization.

A renewal request received by the Radiation Safety Officer prior to the permit's expiration date will be considered as being in a "timely renewal" status.  The Authorized User may continue radiation use until approval/disapproval by the Radiation Safety Committee.  If the renewal is not received prior to expiration, the permit may be terminated and any radioactive material may be confiscated.

Termination of a Permit

In the event that a Radioactive Materials Permit is no longer required because the Authorized User no longer wishes to use radioactive materials or the Authorized User is leaving the University, the Authorized User should notify the Radiation Safety Officer and work with her to make arrangements for final disposition of all radioactive materials in the inventory (if needed).  This may be done by transferring to another Authorized User on campus, shipping to an off-campus location, or disposing of the materials as radioactive waste.  The Radiation Safety Officer and the Authorized User will ensure that a final survey of the laboratory survey is conducted and any contamination that is found is dealt with prior to the Authorized Userleaving the lab.

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