Pregnant Workers

Any woman considering becoming pregnant or discovering that she is pregnant should review Regulatory Guide 8.13 "Instructions Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure" and should consider discussing the risks of working with radioactive materials during pregnancy with the Environment, Health and Safety Office. 

After that discussion, if she chooses to, she may wish to declare her pregnancy.  A woman who declares her pregnancy (in writing) is limited to 500 mrem for the entire gestation period unless she has already received 500 mrem since conception.  In this case, she will be allowed no more than 50 mrem for the remainder of the pregnancy.  A copy of the completed Declaration of Pregnancy for Laboratory Workers form and a fetal monitoring badge will be provided to the Declared Pregnant Woman as soon as practical.

A pregnant woman who chooses NOT to declare her pregnancy will be subject to the same limits on exposure as a non-pregnant radiation worker.  

If a fetal monitoring badge is issued, it is to be worn at the waist versus the standard whole body badge that is worn at the collar or chest.  If a lead apron is utilized, the fetal badge is worn under the apron and the whole body badge outside the apron at the collar.

The exposure levels obtained from the fetal monitoring badges will be monitored throughout the pregnancy by EHS.  Should the fetal ALARA level of 10 mrem per month be exceeded, the Declared Pregnant Woman will receive immediate notification and the RSO will initiate an investigation into the exposure.

The Declared Pregnant Woman should inform EHS when the fetal monitoring is no longer required.

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