Ordering Radioactive Materials

If an authorized user wishes to receive radioactive material (purchased or given; from a vendor, collaborator or other entity), he must fill out the top portion of the Radioactive Material Order Approval Form.  Each order of radioactive material must then be reviewed and approved by the EHS Office before it can be ordered.

The EHS Office will verify that the requesting user is authorized to possess and use the requested material and will ensure the amount ordered will not exceed the Authorized User's possession limit for the isotope requested.  The EHS Office will then issue a "Approval Number" for each approved order.  It is vital that the person placing the order or requesting the shipment ensure that the proper shipping address is used:  

[Authorized User's Name & Approval Number]

University of Kansas Medical Center

HOT ROOM, 2106 Olathe Blvd.

Kansas City, KS  66160   

All radioactive materials shipped to or delivered to the University of Kansas Medical Center must be checked in through the Environment, Health & Safety "Hot Room."  After being checked in, the appropriate party will be contacted to pick up the materials.   The Environment, Health & Safety Office must also be informed of any and all radioactive materials that are to be sent to anyone from off-campus sources.  This includes free samples or calibration standards provided by vendors.

Receipt of Radioactive Materials

Packages of radioactive materials shipped to the University will be delivered to the University's receiving dock.  EHS staff check with the receiving dock staff every day (generally at 11 am) to collect any radioactive packages that have been received.  Certain types of packages are required by regulations to have certain initial checks performed within three hours of their arrival on campus or within three hours after the start of the next work day for packages received after hours, on weekends or holidays

The EHS Office will ensure that all of these initial checks will be performed within that time limit.  This includes inspecting for signs of damage and surveying for removable contamination.   Once these checks have been completed and the information about the material has been entered into the appropriate Authorized User's inventory, the Authorized User or his representative will be contacted to come and collect the package from G032 Wescoe.

If a radioactive package is delivered directly to your lab or office, please inform the EHS Office as soon as possible so that these required checks can be performed.

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