Emergency Response

for Events Involving Radioactive Materials

In case of an emergency, call the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Police Department for assistance.

Dial 911 from any campus land-line telephone and you will be connected to the KUMC Police 911 service.

If calling from a mobile phone, dial 913-588-5030 to reach the KUMC Police 911 Services.  Dialing 911 from a cell phone will connect you to other community 911 Services and will delay emergency services response to your emergency.

If you must call 911 Services due to an emergency involving radioactive materials be able to provide the following information:

  • Type of Emergency
  • Your Name
  • Location
  • Radionuclide involved and activity, if known
  • Call-back phone number  

The following table provides guidance for emergency incidents involving radioactive materials:


Procedure Contact
Radioactive Spills in public areas or those in labs that cannot be dealt with adequately by lab personnel
  1. Notify all other persons in the room.
  2. Confine the spill. 
  3. If liquid, place absorbent paper on the spill. 
  4. If powder, lay a damp cloth or paper on the spill.
  5. Call the KUMC Environment, Health & Safety Office or 911 Services.
  6. Do not allow other persons who were in the room to leave the area.
  7. If clothing is grossly contaminated, discard outer clothing at once into a bag or other container which can be isolated for proper disposition.
  8. If the skin is contaminated, flush thoroughly with tepid running water.

Environment, Health & Safety Office Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Ext. 8-1081 or 913-588-1081 or via cell phone contact       

After Hours, Weekends,  Holidays, or anytime EHS cannot be reached at the number above, call KUMC Police:

from a campus phone= 911

using a cell phone =  913-588-5030  

Air Contamination
  1. Notify all other persons to vacate the room immediately.
  2. Turn off the air circulation devices.
  3. Seal the room by closing all doors and windows.
  4. Vacate the room.
  5. Call the KUMC Environment, Health & Safety Office or 911 Services.
  6. Post the room and prevent opening the room until qualified persons can evaluate the hazard and give instructions.
Unexpectedly High Dose Rate Levels   If an unexpectedly high radiation dose rate is measured or suspected, call Environment, Health & Safety Office or 911 Services.
Loss of Sources
  1. Report the loss or theft of any radiation-producing machine or radiation source IMMEDIATELY to the Environment, Health & Safety Office.
  2. If the laboratory has been burglarized, contact KUMC Police IMMEDIATELY.  Do not disturb the scene.



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