RSC, Regulations, Inspections, Manuals, etc.

Inspection Results

The most recent inspection of KUMC's Radioactive Materials License was performed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment on September 9, 2015. This letter indicates that there were no violations and no items of non-compliance.

The most recent inspection of The KU Breast Cancer Survivorship Center's x-ray registration (no 6820) was performed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment on August 25, 2014. This letter indicates that there were no violations and no items of non-compliance.

KDHE Regulations

The Kansas Department of Health and Enviroment (Bureau of Community Health Systems) regulations can be found on their website.

Radiation Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

The RSC is the administrative body responsible for the safe handling of radioactive materials within KUMC.  The RSC membership always includes:

  • The RSO
  • A representative of university management
  • Faculty and professional staff experienced in handling radionuclides, the use of radiation-producing devices, and the practice of radiation protection or those who have a desire to institute safe practices in regard to radiation.

Please contact the RSO if you are interested in knowing who the current members are. The RSC meets at least quarterly and its responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assuring that any Authorized User using radioactive material is qualified by training and experience to safely use the proposed radionuclide, has the facilities to handle the materials safely and proposes a use which is safe for all concerned.
  • Assuring observance of all radiation safety standards established by the RSC and KDHE.
  • Assuring that records are kept of the receipt, storage, use, transfer, and ultimate disposal of all radioactive materials used at KUMC.
  • Assuring that records are kept of the radiation exposure monitoring of personnel and areas involved in the use of radioactive material.
  • Recommending modifications to operating or maintenance procedures.
  • When requested, reviewing and making recommendations in advance of construction for new buildings or alterations/remodeling of existing buildings for University laboratories and rooms in which the use and storage of radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices is contemplated to ensure proper ventilation, air flow rates, filtration in properly designed fume hoods, shielding, construction material, furniture and finishes.
  • Delegating to the RSO the authority to review, grant or deny temporary authorizations for use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices during the interim between RSC meetings. Such authorizations are subject to final approval or denial by the RSC.

It is the RSC's policy to encourage and promote the safe handling of radiation at KUMC. To this end, the KUMC Radiation Safety Program has been designed to help Authorized Users with any problems that may arise from the use of radiation. The Radiation Safety Program relieves the individual Authorized User the time-consuming work of obtaining an individual state license, interpreting radiation regulations and keeping extensive records. The Radiation Safety Program provides the Radiation Worker with most of the services necessary for compliance with the state radiation safety standards. The Authorized User is ultimately responsible for radiation safety.

The RSC also has the responsibility for controlling the use of radiation-producing equipment, e.g., x-ray machines, electron microscopes, etc. Persons desiring to use radiation-producing equipment must have appropriate training and qualifications to use and operate such equipment.

Last modified: Sep 17, 2015