Select Toxins


Do you possess or plan to possess any of the following toxins?



Botulinum neurotoxins

Short, paralytic alpha conotoxins

Diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS)



Staphylococcal Enterotoxins (Subtypes A, B, C, D and E)

T-2 toxin


If so, contact the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) office immediately by e-mailing as these toxins are highly regulated. 

The University of Kansas Medical Center must show due diligence that persons who possess these toxins are not exceeding legal amounts and have a legitimate need to possess them.

For personnel currently in possession of any of the listed select toxins, you must immediately provide the EHS office:

  1. Your need to possess them
  2. An accurate amount in milligrams of the toxin you possess 

This should be sent in writing to  

Should you decide to transfer any amount of toxin to a colleague, you must also contact the EHS office prior to transfer so that EHS can ensure that the recipient is not exceeding legal amounts and has a legitimate need for the toxin.

If you would like more information regarding this regulation, please consult the following website:


Last modified: Mar 23, 2016