Adopt an AED

There is a good amount of public use AEDs located throughout campus. Check here to see where the nearest one to your department is. It is important to know that these AEDs are serviced and maintained through Facilities Maintenance for use by the public who are properly trained. If your department still feels as though an additional AED is needed for your specific area, your department can choose to "Adopt an AED." 

To Adopt an AED, you must first gain approval from the AED Committee by submitted this form.

Upon approval, your department agrees to:

  • Develop a written department plan that conforms with the University AED program
  • Train department staff and submit CPR/AED training documentation to AED Committee
  • Ensure quarterly inspections of AED are completed to ensure operability
  • Ensure CPR/AED training is renewed for users every two years and skill drills for all AED Operators are completed between renewals to stay current
  • In the event of AED use, properly fill out the campus Incident Report Form within 24 hours and submit to AED Committee
  • Retain maintenance and training records for a minimum of two years and any Incident Report Forms indefinitely
Any costs incurred from the above will be solely funded by the department that adopted the AED. This includes maintenance work orders and replacement of expired pads and batteries.
Last modified: Jul 08, 2013