Suspicious Behavior and Criminal Activity

  1. Ensure your safety first using situational awareness:
    • Ask if someone unknown to you in your department needs assistance - even if wearing a badge
    • Ensure if going into a secure area, you do not have "tailgaters" following you in - even if they are wearing a badge
  2. Call
    • KUPD: 911 from landline; 913-588-5030 from cell
    • Report any and all suspicious behavior anonymously to: 913-474-TIPS (8477) 
    • OR Email anonymous tips (i.e. any suspicious behavior, comments, etc.) to KUPD at:
  3. Report
    • Anything relevant to campus safety, to include, but not limited to:
      • Threatening behavior
      • Vandalism
      • Any sort of campus violence (immediate report - firearms on campus, physical assaults, etc.)
      • People taking pictures of the campus
    • Height, weight, hair color, eye color, build, clothing - as much information as possible
    • Location: that you saw the suspicious person / suspicious behavior being conducted
    • Notify your friends, co-workers, supervisor so everyone is more aware and additional precautions can be taken if necessary


  • When in doubt, don't wait it out - report anything you feel is out of the ordinary without fear of retribution 
  • Report anonymously to KUPD at:
  • See something, say something reporting is highly encouraged throughout campus

Click the link for further information on this DHS program: See Something, Say Something Campaign.

Last modified: Jun 15, 2014