There are certain circumstances where it is safer to be inside rather than outside. You may be required to shelter-in-place for events such as a civil disturbance (i.e. active shooter), tornado warning, hazardous materials release, or as directed by police personnel. If the "Shelter-in-Place" order is given over Alertus or Rave, do the following:

Prepare Metro KC Photo


  1. Immediately get inside the nearest building and proceed to an interior room or hallway
  2. Close and lock all doors and windows
  3. Shut off any heating or cooling systems and close dampers
  4. Gather people in your shelter room and seal windows, doors, and vents
  5. Monitor text message alerts and Alertus for further information and updates
  6. Stay calm and stay put unless there is an immediate need to leave the area (i.e. visible fire or life threatening situation)
  7. Precisely follow all instructions from KUPD or other Emergency Personnel


**Remember, "Shelter-in-Place" is defined as a directive to seek immediate shelter indoors following the announcement of an emergency condition; whereas, a "lockdown" is defined as a directive to stop access and / or egress as appropriate, to all or a portion of the buildings on campus.

Last modified: Jun 15, 2014