Medical Emergency

Illness or Injury to Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors, and Guests:

  1. Call: 911 from campus phone OR 913-588-5030 from cell
    • KUPD Dispatch will triage the situation and dispatch the appropriate response team (i.e. rapid reponse, Code Blue, EMS) as certain teams only respond to certain areas
  2. Report any pertinent information to the dispatcher, such as:
    • Location: building and room number
    • Best entrance for responder to go to (someone should meet responder at entrance if able to do so)
    • Nature and extent of emergency
    • Your name and telephone number
    • Chemical or radioactive materials involved
    • DO NOT hang up unless told to do so
  3. Help if you are able and qualified to - only trained personnel shoul provide first aid or CPR
    • Do not jeopardize your health or the health of the patient, wait for professional help if you are not appropriately trained
    • If you are trained, conduct basic lifesaving methods to your skill set until help arrives
    • Know where your department's nearest AED is (for trained personnel) - to learn more about KUMC's AED program and training, click here

Last modified: Jul 08, 2013