Snow Removal & Winter Weather Tips

Kansas winters are unpredictable, and can sometimes bring ice and snow! During the fall and winter months, it's a good time to remind employees how we handle snow removal on KUMC Kansas City campus. Snow removal and ice control for the campus is performed by KUMC the departments of Parking Services and/or Facilities Management. From November through late March, personnel monitor weather conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will respond to emergent weather events with a variety of equipment and personnel.

Whether it's freezing drizzle or a major snowstorm, appropriate crews are on site responding to conditions. Proper and timely response to winter weather conditions is paramount to the safe and normal operations of the University and Hospital, as public safety is always the primary concern.

Snow removal is an extremely labor intensive operation, so please exercise patience. The emergency contact number for KUMC snow removal operations is 588-5030.

University Campus closed? Find out what that means for you!

If you have received a notification of the University campus being closed and still have questions, please read below:  

  • If you are not directly involved in snow removal or other operations in facilities and research labs, then stay home. Faculty and staff parking in lots and occupying buildings complicates the effort to return our operations to normal as quickly as possible! So stay in from the cold and enjoy your day if you do not need to be here. 

  • If you are critical to inclement weather operations, park in the lots that have been communicated by parking services. There are specific garages and lots you can park in on inclement weather days, going to other lots will inhibit snow removal, so listen for the communication. See a parking map here.

  • Containers of salt are placed all around campus, so feel free to use them if you notice a slick spot! Here is a map of where salt buckets are approximately placed. 

  • If your vehicle gets snowed in, there are shovels located at the shuttle bus stops, and on top of all parking garages so you can dig yourself out. Please return any shovel you utilized back to the appropriate location for the next person to use! Also, never throw out a broken shovel - just let landscaping know and we will remove the broken one and replace it with a new one.

  • Dress appropriately! We live in the Midwest and as stated above you may have to dig yourself out. Also, shuttles may be delayed due to the weather, so wear your boots, hats, mittens, whatever is needed to keep you warm and safe in the environment.

  • IF you are tasked to be on campus during inclement weather and need a place to stay, some arrangements have been made at the fitness center. For more information, please talk to your respective managers. 

Want to know more about being notified of closings or delayed starts? Click HERE!


SLIPS/TRIPS/FALLS - WALK SAFE! Winter months bring snow, ice, and slippery walkways. Always be careful when walking outdoors. Keep your eye out for icy spots on walkways and report any problem areas to the KUMC Landscape Department. Remember, during periods after a snow or ice event, it is not always possible to completely clear all walkways; therefore, extra care must be exercised during these times. Wear appropriate footwear for winter walking, such as shoes and boots in good condition with adequate tread. Slow down and walk in the clearest path available. Ice Melt is provided in certain entrances of KUMC buildings to be utilized for outside entrances and walks. Prior to entering buildings, knock off as much snow remaining on your shoes as possible, this will limit the amount of water being tracked into buildings making interior walkways safer! 

SHOVELING - Be cautious when shoveling at home. Check out this site for some good advice.

WINTER DRIVING SAFETY - Remember to slow down and expand the distance between your car and other vehicles. Concentrate, maintain awareness, have patience, and allow extra time when driving this winter. Have emergency supplies in your car and prepare your car mechanically for winter. See the Kansas Highway Patrol site for additional winter weather driving reminders.

 *For additional winter tips to keep you prepared, check out the helpful links below!

  • Winter tips courtesy of FEMA
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  • Make your own car survival kit with a little help from the Kansas DOT
  • Make your own winter car emergency kit
  • Drive safe using this Safe Winter Driving Checklist* before February weather hits
  • Don't forget to sign up on RAVE to receive campus winter emergency-related incidents via text!





Last modified: Mar 20, 2018