Fire and Evacuation

If you discover a fire or if the fire alarm is sounding:

Evacuate for Fire

  1. IMMEDIATELY Evacuate the building (do not assume it is a false alarm)                   **Remember - Alertus and Rave will not sound for fire
  2. Proceed to nearest exit - DO NOT use elevator
  3. Activate the nearest pull station (assuming alarms are not already sounding)
  4. Use alternate exit if primary exit is obstructed
  5. Close office doors behind you as you leave as this may help contain or inhibit the spread of fire
  6. Keep low to the floor if smoke is present
  7. If you are able, help those who need special assistance - or if necessary utilize the nearest LifeSlider (unsure how to use a LifeSlider? Contact for training, print of this handout, and watch this video)!
  8. Report to your departments Emergency Assembly Area (EAA)
    • Not sure where your EAA is? Check with your manager or look in your Department or Building Emergency Plan; or check here and ensure this location is still your department's EAA
  9. When in a safe location, contact the Fire or Police Department and provide necessary information
    • From Cell or off campus phone: dial 913-588-5030; from campus land-line: dial 911

Last modified: Sep 25, 2014