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How Guardian Works

Learn about some of the great features Rave Guardian has to offer:

     Make Emergency Calls and Send Text Tips

Call emergency officials for help if you are in trouble, and send text tips - including photos - if you see something suspicious. 

Campus Police. If you're located on the main Kansas City campus, you have access to one or more community safety features: Call your campus safety organization from within the app, or send them a tip - as text or even include a photo. This is not available to all campuses, as KUMC Police only respond to main campus incidents. 

9-1-1 Emergency. Anyone, on any campus, can call 9-1-1 from within Rave Guardian. Your call will be directed to the nearest 9-1-1 call center, exactly as if you placed the call by dialing it yourself.

    Setting and Running Your Safety Timer

With the Safety Timer, your status & location are available to those you trust - your Guardians. Set up your timer when you are heading somewhere unfamiliar, meeting with someone you don't know, walking to your car after work, or any other time you would like someone to check on you. Your Guardians will be notified if your timer expires. Remember to deactivate it when you are safe.

    Connecting With Your Guardians

Your Guardians look out for you, and you look out for them. Add and message Guardians just like you do with your Contacts. You can easily communicate directly or via group messaging with those you trust - including the ability to send photos.

     Guarding Someone Else

Just like you can invite someone to check in with you, you can return the favor. When one of your Guardians sets up their own Safety Timer, you will be able to see their time, location, status, and also call or text them right away if their Safety Timer expires.

      Account Features

Your Rave Guardian is powered by Smart911, a national safety database to help emergency responders and other safety personnel help you during an emergency.

Downloading the Guardian app will automatically set up a Smart911 account. Once you set up your account, you can log into your account screen and can easily change out your photo and also your school Email address if needed. You also have the ability to edit your Smart911 Safety Profile, where you can add anything you would want emergency responders to know about you in case of an emergency - things like medical conditions, allergies, disabilities, and more.


Last modified: Jul 26, 2018