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Guardian Download and Set Up

Ready to get started? Follow these steps: 

*This is an optional application. It is your choice to download the app or not. If you have trouble downloading the app, please contact your phone provider. 

1. Download the Free Mobile app for your cell phone.  Apple Guardian App   Android App link

2. Enter in your KUMC email and your phone number.

3. Enter in the information that the app asks for; such as, user ID, password, and a pin. Accept the terms and click "create account."

4. You will receive a text from Rave Guardian with a confirmation code. Enter this code into your phone and confirm. 

5. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your email. Click the link to Confirm. 

You're In! You should see all the features of Rave Guardian.

Check out what the features are and how to use them below!

When you open the application on your cell phone, it should look similar to the picture below.

Let's walk through what you are seeing (or not seeing) and how to use each feature.  

Guardian Rave app


This is where you will get all your Rave Guardian messages. For example, if you sent in a tip and police have responded and closed the case, you may receive a message that the case has been closed. 


You can name "Guardians" on your phone who you can enable for the safety timer. They look out for you and you look out for them. Add and text Guardians just like you do with your contacts. You need to have a Guardian for the Safety Timer feature to work. Please note: Public Safety / Campus Police are not Guardians and will not respond to expired safety timers. 

To Add Guardians:

  • Hit the "Guardian" button from your app homepage;
  • Add a person or people from your cell phone contacts (they do not have to be affiliated with KUMC);
  • They will be sent an invite - please inform your Guardian that they must download the Guardian app;
  • Once your Guardian has downloaded the app, they will have to go into their inbox and hit "accept" to be your Guardian;
  • You can choose as many Guardians as you'd like and you can become Guardians of others as well!

Safety Timer:

Now that you have set up your Guardians, you can set safety timers! This is a neat feature for at work or at home. Set a safety timer when you are heading somewhere unfamiliar, walking from work to your car, or any other time you would like someone to check on you! Please note: Public Safety / Campus Police are not Guardians and will not respond to expired safety timers. 

To Set a Safety Timer:

  • Set up Guardians as detailed above;
  • Hit the "Safety Timer" button from your app homepage;
  • Enter your previously designated 4-digit pin number (determined upon initial setup);
  • Set your timer length in hours and / or minutes;
  • Enter your "status", for example you could put "walking to car from work" or "going for a much needed jog"; 
  • List your primary Guardian, if you would like additional Guardians to be notified click "Add a Guardian", once you are done adding Guardians, click "Activate";
  • Your Guardians must accept your timer invitation to be notified - you will see if and when they've accepted within the app;
  • Within the Safety Timer feature, you can update your status as often as needed;
  • If you have not deactivated your Safety Timer, you will be notified at 3 minutes that it is still running (your Guardian(s) will also receive that notification);
  • If you do not deactivate your timer, your Guardian will be notified that the timer has expired when time runs out, they can contact you directly to ensure your safety or contact the local police is needed;
  • If your primary Guardian does not receive the notification and you've chosen a secondary Guardian he or she will receive the notification that your timer has expired;
  • Remember to deactivate it when you are safe (you must use your 4-digit code) - when you do this your Guardians will be notified!

Send a Tip: 

This is a great feature that can be used on the main Kansas City Campus to report various types of tips from an accident to social media abuse! You can even send a picture! These tips go directly to the KUMC 24/7 dispatch  and are confidential - but are not anonymous for anonymous reporting, submit an email through Ask the Chief. This feature also allows messaging to occur between dispatch and the tip reporter.

To Send a Tip:

  • Hit the "Send a Tip" button from your app homepage;
  • Select the category that the tip best fits into;
  • Give a description of the tip (the more detail the better, include the location, time, anything that is relevant);
  • Include a picture if you'd like and send the tip;
  • You may receive a message back from dispatch that the tip has been received, or with follow up questions;
  • The tip will remain open until appropriate procedures have been taken by public safety to deem the tip (case) as closed;
  • You cannot send a new tip until your old tip has been closed (which you will see in your inbox).

Call KUMC Police:

If you are on the Main Kansas City Campus (including Westwood, Dialysis Center, CRC, and Fairway North), you will have the "Call KUMC Police" button. 

Please note, if you are on other outlying campuses you will not have access to this button as KUMC Police does not respond to other locations. If you have an emergency situation, use the "Call 9-1-1" button, or dial 9-1-1 directly from your phone.

To quickly get a hold of the KUMC Police, simply press this button within the app (you will be asked to confirm). The call will go directly to the on campus 24/7 dispatch center. 

Call 9-1-1:

Use this button to contact your local 9-1-1 no matter where you are. Just open the app, hit the button and confirm that you want to call 9-1-1. You can also just dial 9-1-1 from your dialer... we're all about options here. 

Profile / My Account:

Use your profile to add any information you would want first responders to know about you in case o f an emergency. You can add members of your family, pets, medical conditions, allergies, or disabilities. You can edit your profile from the app (detailed below) or by going to your account at Smart911

To Update your Information:

  • Click the "Me" box from the app homepage;
  • Enter your 4-digit pin;
  • From the Basic Info page you can edit your email address, or go to your Safety Profile to edit your account.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018