Emergency Communications on Campus

Effective communication is critical in any emergency situation. Emergency notifications are sent directly from the University's Police Dispatch. KUMC has a multilayered approach to communication, which is made up of numerous systems to ensure you get the most up-to-date and accurate information. Our goal with redundancy is that all campus personnel receive the emergent message and take appropriate action!

RAVE Emergency Text Messages

  • Receive accurate emergency text messages. Staff, employees, and faculty must OPT-IN to receive them. Students are automatically opted in.

  • **Note: there will soon be an upgrade in the system and these procedures may change. Stay alert for additional messaging: Sign up for RAVE and ensure your cell phone and emergency numbers are up-to-date. You can add multiple numbers, so sign up your significant other or parents if they would like to receive KUMC Emergency Notifications. If you are staff who would like to opt in, or if you're a student who wishes to opt out, complete the following steps:

    • Sign into RAVE here
    • Enter your KUMC Network ID and password (the same as when you log on to the network)
    • Click "Emergency Contact Info"
    • From this page you can opt in, opt out, or update your information
    • Make sure ALL 3 steps are complete (there are boxes that show which step you are on).
    • The last page is where the SAVE button is that YOU MUST DO to save your phone number so that it can get fed to RAVE. 
    • Students who have opted out should see "You are not currently subscribed to receive emergency notification messages. {Opt-In]" on your enroll and pay homepage. 
    • For questions - email University Emergency Management at: uem@kumc.edu   
    • You can download a "how to" PowerPoint here, which will also help you update your cell phone in My Identity.

      **NEW: Download the RAVE Guardian App - Check out the Guardian page for more information.    Rave Guardian App


  • Alertus Beacons are located throughout University buildings. In an emergency (i.e. tornado warning) the beacons will siren, light up, and have an emergency message on the screen.

  • Computer Screen Pop-ups will pop-up on all network connected computers (not laptops). The Alert will stay on the screen until "all clear" is given or until the computer user hits the "acknowledge" button located at the bottom of the alert.

Alertus Beacon

Alertus Popup


As student, faculty, and staff of KUMC, you may receive quite a bit of email - two to pay attention to are: "EMERGENCY ALERT" emails and "CRITICAL INFORMATION" emails.

  • Emergency Alert Emails are utilized for situations which involve potentially serious disruptions of regular activities or threats to the health and well-being of faculty, staff, or students. These emails are sent in conjunction with Alertus and Rave messages (as shown above).

  • Critical Information is used to:

    • Advise the KUMC community of current or imminent situations that may require some action on your part, inconvenience you, or require your increased vigilance for non-violent crime.

    • Significant changes in University policy, procedure, or operations of general interest and broad potential impact.

    • As a follow up to Emergency Alert Emails, with additional information. 

Fire Alarm System

The only emergency where you will not receive one of the above is a fire. Our Fire Alarm System will warn you of a fire. University standard in business occupancies is to evacuate to your Emergency Assembly Area (EAA). Your EAA is found in your building emergency plan

Last modified: Jan 06, 2016