Building Emergency Planning


Planning for emergencies before they take place will ensure the safety of this Universities most important asset...  YOU!

No matter which building, or how many buildings, you spend time in on campus, you should always be aware of the specific emergency procedures you may need to follow. 

KUMC requires a Building Emergency Plan (BEP) to be completed for every building designed for human occupancy on campus. These plans will include basic information on emergency response recommendations, as well as specific procedures to follow for the building. 


Has your Building Emergency Leader (BEL) picked up your weather radio yet? Emergency Management has partnered with the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee to receive discounted weather radios after graciously being awarded a grant from The University of Kansas Auxiliary Department. There will be one for each building - Building Emergency Leaders are to pick them up from Kelly Dunn or Erica Hupka. Want to apply for your own grant? Click here.

 weather radios



Last modified: Aug 03, 2016