Emergency Management & Preparedness


  • Fall is here - which means winter is on its way. Make sure you sign up for RAVE to receive any University closings. Also check out our winter weather policy and snow removal tips!
  • The University designated Sept. 22-26 as Emergency Preparedness Week at KU Medical Center.We had a lot of great participants in our activities throughout the week. If you participated in the various contests, and have won, be sure to claim your prize by emailing to all of our winners and a bit thank you to everyone who participated.
    • Fire Drill Importance question winner of $5 Starbucks card: Leslie Duley, with the following answer: "Fire drill training and building evacuation is important to do so all the employees and staff in the building are not only aware and knowledgeable of the plans/drills but have also been through a simulated situation.  Training and building evacuation is important so everyone is confident in what the plans are, each person's responsibilities and how to get everyone else out safely.  Be prepared helps prevent chaos, helps keep everyone calm, and prevents injuries from occurring that can be caused from people panicking."
    • Difference between RAVE and Alertus drawing for flashlight: Michael Ciolek
    • Scavenger hunt winner of Kirmayer membership: Carrie Brown
    • Family preparedness planning winner of AMC movie tickets: Colleen Reilly



Last modified: Oct 03, 2014
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To report an emergency, call KUPD (University Police) at:

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If you have any questions regarding Emergency Management, contact:

Kelly Morken, Emergency Management coordinator