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Emergency Management & Preparedness

Emergency Management Updates:

  • Tornado Season: Tis the season to be prepared! We know that the tornado drill was way back in March, but it is still smart to familiarize yourself with our tornado procedures and don't forget to practice what you'd do at home! Finally, if you'd like to read more about severe weather and tornado facts in Kansas click here.
  • RAVE Text Messaging Now Available Campus Wide! Rave text messaging is no longer just for University staff. Check out this site to see how you can sign up today to receive emergency- related text messages. If you are already signed up, now is a good time to update your account! We will be testing this on March 17th!
  • RAVE Guardian: For additional campus safety for our community, we've implemented a new phone app called RAVE Guardian. Now you can report tips to the police, call KUMC police and stay in contact with family aRAVE Guardiannd friends (dependent upon which campus you are located). Get all of the information here. **Currently this application is for main campus only, but stay tuned for communications as it may come to your campus soon!
  • Campus Roundings: Look for the emergency management team this year as they conduct roundings in YOUR building! They will be documenting which buildings have updated building emergency plans (BEP), if personnel in the building know what to do in an emergency, and will have preparedness "prizes" and give-aways for the campus community. Make sure you know what to do in your area! 
  • Annual Evacuation Drills: Emergency management will be doing unannounced fire drills at each building this year, you can check out the week your building will be drilled here. Approximate weeks have been chosen for the buildings of campus (seen here), but there will be no scheduled dates or times. Also, evacuations will be documented and reported to the appropriate personnel for annual record keeping. No longer wonder if it's real or "just a drill"...just follow your evacuation procedures! Not sure where to go or what to do? Find out from your building advisory committee or your building emergency plan (BEP). Still unsure? Email
  • New Emergency Operations Plan: The new and improved Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) will be published this year. This long awaited document will better define what Incident Command is, what to do in an emergency, and how the University will return to normal business operations after a hazardous event.

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Last modified: May 03, 2016
Report an Emergency

To report an emergency, call KUPD (University Police) at:

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If you have any questions regarding Emergency Management, contact:

Kelly Dunn, Emergency Management coordinator