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What better way to show that emergencies wait for no one, as they surprised us all during our annual tornado drill on March 3rd! Great practice and a great learning experience. Great job to all of the campus members who took the drill as a real event and moved to their "shelter-in-place" locations. Remember, though we have "shelter-in-place" locations - these are not our only shelter locations. Any interior room, on the lowest floor possible (away from windows and exterior walls) makes a great shelter location. The green signs are intended for visitors and personnel not familiar with the interior locations of campus, or for personnel that are not housed on the lower levels. 

Emergency Management understands the confusion and frustration the early alarm caused; however, it is crucial that when alertus sounds you take action. We are in tornado season, and though we had a drill scheduled, that does not mean bad weather couldn't change our "plan" last minute. Our scheduled planning caused hesitation when the alarm went off early. Had it truly been an emergency event, we may have had numerous injuries. In the coming years, we will attempt to conduct more unannounced tornado drills, as that really is what emergencies are...unannounced, and we need to be prepared. 

As always, we discover many opportunities - this is the exact reason we drill! Below is the "quick check" sheet, which will help you troubleshoot any issues you may have had. If you need to view the full After Action Report / Improvement Plan (AAR/IP) or If you have questions or concerns, contact University Emergency Management at 

  • Quick check troubleshoot list.
  • If you'd like to review your tornado response procedures, click here
  • Read more about Kansas weather awareness week, the history of Kansas weather, and how you can prepare by clicking here.
  • Reminder - Alertus should only sound (or pop up) for tornado warnings, not watches, one of our lessons learned from this drill. 



Last modified: May 05, 2015
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