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Emergency Management & Preparedness

On September 24, 2015, KUMC completed its first Full Scale Exercise. The exercise involved more than 220 participants and was many months in the making. Please read the summary below for more information regarding the exercise and some lessons learned. We have also developed a Run, Hide, Fight Quick Action Sheet to help navigate some of the other issues that may have arisen during this exercise. Read more 

A HUGE thank you to the KU Medical Center campus for a successful Full Scale Exercise on Thursday, Sept. 24! We were able to combine multiple community agencies with our own police and emergency departments to create relationships that will help us respond more efficiently to any real emergency that may happen on our campus. Through this exercise we are a more prepared campus. Our goal moving forward will be to take what we learned from this exercise to improve our planning and training, and make our campus and surrounding community safer. We are working on the After Action Review (AAR) and will provide a copy to the campus when available. The AAR will guide us in making improvements.

Some of the issues that we will be addressing in the AAR include communications, training and messaging across the campus. With communications, we understand that the messages sent during the exercise were confusing. We had different messages being sent out to different campuses by different sources throughout the exercise. We are currently working to streamline the process of who will send out notifications, what the messages should be and how we can send to a single distribution list.

We know that rapid communication during an emergency is absolutely critical. In most cases, we will be providing information that is actionable so you can make an educated decision about your personal response. In the case of an active shooter, we will provide as much information as we have regarding the location and movement of the shooter via Emergency Notice emails, Alertus beacons and computer pop-ups, and RAVE text messages. It is up to you to decide what your personal response will be to that information. It is important to note that things hardly ever operate seamlessly in an actual event, so while we can practice and improve our processes, your best defense is your personal response and knowing what to do.

We are still working to make RAVE available to all members of campus, however currently it is only available to university employees. If you are a university employee and unable to receive RAVE messages, please follow the instructions on our webpage to ensure that you are correctly registered to receive them. If you are still unable to receive the messages, email so we can escalate your case to the Lawrence campus.

We have also received concerns about being properly trained for this type of an incident. The university Emergency Management team has a great active shooter preparedness program that includes a Run, Hide, Fight course as well as a departmental planning course that are available for any member of our campuses, regardless of parent organization. You can find more information about these trainings and sign up for a course online. Again, your best defense is knowing what to do.

A special THANK YOU to our actors - without you this event would not have been as realistic. This event has been the culmination of hundreds of planning hours by the KU Medical Center Emergency Management team. We were able to bring together many different agencies in order to make this exercise a success. Our first priority was safety and with that we understand that there were some design flaws with the exercise that made it less realistic. We are taking all of those comments and addressing them with our exercise development team so that future exercises will be more realistic and seamless.

This is a great achievement for us. This is the first Full Scale Exercise ever completed on the KU Medical Center campus, and we are proud that all of the hours invested in this process were so well received. To our community - THANK YOU - for your continued support and dedication to KU Medical Center.

Photos from the Full Scale Exercise

More than 220 people participated Thursday morning in an emergency preparedness drill on the KU Medical Center campus to improve our response to an active shooter situation.

Posted by University of Kansas Medical Center on Thursday, September 24, 2015
Last modified: Dec 01, 2015
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