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Emergency Management & Preparedness

What's Happening in Emergency Preparedness:

  • We hope you all got to participate in the annual tornado drill on March 5th, 2014 -  Did you receive an alertus pop-up? Did you miss a Rave Message? Trouble shoot any troubles YOU had here.

  • Read the full after action review here.

  • Just because the drill is over, doesn't mean we can forget about procedures - especially since we are quickly approaching severe weather season AND because it is the FEMA expectation that everyone has provisions to shelter in place for 72 hours without assistance! For more information on tornado procedures and emergency communications, please see the following links:
  • Weather radios are here! KUMC Emergency Management has partnered with the Metropolitan Emergency Manageweather radiosrs Committee to receive discounted weather radios after graciously being awarded a grant from The University of Kansas Auxiliary Department. There will be one for each building - Building Emergency Liaisons are to pick them up from Kelly Morken. Want to apply for your own grant? Click here.



Last modified: Jul 28, 2014
Report an Emergency

To report an emergency, call KUPD (University Police) at:

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If you have any questions regarding Emergency Management, contact:

Kelly Morken, Emergency Management coordinator