Faculty and Staff Directory

Bhargav Adagarla Project Director, Medical Informatics and Enterprise Analytics Operations
Angelica Allen Clinical Information Specialist
Tim Bosler Business Intelligence Analyst
MariLynne Bushaw Business Intelligence Analyst
Sravani Chandaka Business Intelligence Analyst
Dan Connolly Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer
Steve Fennel Director of Development, Administration and Telecommunications Outreach
Nathan Graham Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer
Brandon Hamlin Clinical Application Administrator
Matthew Hoag Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer
Li Huang Clinical Informatics Specialist/Analyst
Vincent Leonardo Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
Mei Liu, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Brett Long Director of Analytics and Financial Strategy
Tamara McMahon Clinical Informatics Coordinator
Tim Novak Business Intelligence Analyst
Michael Prittie Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer
Matthew Schuette, Ph.D. Principal Research Analyst
Suman Suman Database Administrator
Frank Visconti Business Intelligence Analyst
Russ Waitman, Ph.D. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Analytics
Director of Medical Informatics
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Hillary Weedman Administrative Assistant
Brittany Zschoche Project Manager

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Last modified: Jun 16, 2015