Tuition and Fees

The University of Kansas submits a Tuition and Fees Proposal to the Kansas Board of Regents in May of each year, which outlines proposed tuition rates for the upcoming fiscal year, basic details regarding proposed fee changes or new fees, as well as a section on projected tuition and fee revenues and planned uses of increased revenues. The Board reviews the proposal and sets the policy at their June meeting.

The KU Comprehensive Fee Schedule provides more details on specific fees based upon the student program. This report is submitted to the Board in July.

For questions regarding these reports, please contact Enterprise Analytics.

Tuition and Fees - Fiscal Year 2016

Tuition and Fees - Fiscal Year 2015

Tuition and Fees - Fiscal Year 2014

Tuition and Fees - Fiscal Year 2013

Tuition and Fees - Fiscal Year 2012

Last modified: Jul 17, 2015
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