Official Summary Statistics about Faculty

Faculty data are based upon KUMC's "Faculty and Staff Dataset", which is prepared by Enterprise Analytics in cooperation with Faculty Affairs using data extracted from the HR PeopleSoft system on October 1st, and further validated and enhanced over a period of about one month.

Defining who to count as faculty for official reporting is non-trivial. Each faculty is counted according to their primary appointment. In general only those faculty paid in some fashion by the State of Kansas are included in the reported data. However, starting with the October 1, 2009 extract, volunteer faculty in Emergency Medicine, and those at Mid-America Cardiology and Mid-America Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons were added to the official counts. Faculty whose HR job position is administrative are excluded.

Each report shows the last five fiscal years of data, including overall faculty counts, and information on full-time status, tenure status, gender, and ethnicity. Prior years are available upon request.  If you are looking for IPEDS HR related data, please contact Enterprise Analytics.

For questions regarding these reports, please contact Enterprise Analytics.

Fiscal Year 2017 Summary Statistics about Faculty

Fiscal Year 2016 Summary Statistics about Faculty

Last modified: Oct 12, 2016
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