Extramural Research Funding

The University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute (KUMC-RI) publishes an annual report of extramural funding for the previous fiscal year, including grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and other supporting mechanisms. The Office of Enterprise Analytics (EA) assists the Sponsored Programs division within KUMC-RI to prepare a frozen dataset on sponsored research activity for the fiscal year. EA then mines and summarizes this data to provide detailed statistics for the report.

The main table from the annual report is provided in the "Extramural Research by Funding Type" section, which details all extramural awards at the department level by the funding agency type, such as NIH, other federal, State of Kansas, private grants, and private clinical trials. The number of awards listed in the table is subset of all active awards managed by KUMC-RI, namely those that received funding during the fiscal year.

The full version of the annual report can be found at the KUMC-RI website.

Extramural Research by Funding Type
Year-to-Year Comparisons
Fiscal Year 2014
FY 2010-14
Fiscal Year 2013
FY 2009-13
Fiscal Year 2012
FY 2008-12
Fiscal Year 2011
FY 2007-11
Fiscal Year 2010
FY 2006-10
Last modified: Dec 12, 2014
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